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Welcome to Credde Niranda Wiki The wiki about Creddie and Niranda that anyone can edit. NO SHIP WARRING! This wiki is currently under construction.

This is a wikia for supporters of the iCarly character pairing Creddie (Carly/Freddie) and the real-life pairing Niranda (Nathan Kress/Miranda Cosgrove). Anyone can help contribute, but you must ship Creddie or respect Creddie and Niranda to join.

We appreciate your help in making this wiki a better place!


This wiki is only for users who ship and/or respect Creddie and/or Niranda. If you dislike these ships or don't respect them, it's best if you stay off this wiki. Thank you!

Please, NO Ship-Warring, or cursing or you risk punishment, a block, or permanent deletion from the wiki.

We do not tolerate vandalism or other destructive behavior on this wiki. See here for this wiki's policies on inappropriate behavior.

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iSpeed Date is the 3rd episode of the 3rd season of iCarly. Ridgeway High has a Girl's Choice Dance, and after Carly ruins her chances with a boy she wants to date (she spits in his eye accidentally), Sam ties up and gags her on iCarly and asks for Seattle boys to apply to be her date. But 752 boys show up at the Groovie Smoothie, and they have to hold a speed-dating session so pick one.

Sam is also forced by Carly (because she forced the speed-dating) to ask Gibby to be her date, but Gibby refuses. Sam goes to his house that night and demands that he come with her, but she finds that he already has another girl at his house, Tasha. Sam leaves disgruntled.

Carly and Freddie double-date, but neithe of their dates work out, and they are left alone at the Groovie Smoothie.

It is considered a Creddie episode because at the end, Carly and Freddie are left alone and share their first slow dance together. The song playing in the background is "Meant for Me" by Chrissy Chase.

Featured Creddie Quote

(iSam's Mom)

Carly: Are those new pants?

Freddie: Yes they are. *swivels his hips flirtatiously*

Carly: (giggles) From

Freddie: They sell pants for men now.

Carly: Then you should have bought some.

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